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Entry Form


  • 1+ Years of experience in each of 3+ industries
  • 5+ Years of experience conducting recruitment interviews
  • 1+ Years of experience remote working
  • 1+ Years of experience using Zoom
  • 1+ Years of experience working with a collaborative team



  • $50.00/hr
  • Part-Time/Contractor
  • Weekend / Evening Availability is highly desired

Interviewer - The Role

We are expanding and need someone to join our remote interviewing team and influence the future of recruitment. You will conduct comprehensive interviews (up to 2.5 hours long), evaluate candidates, and contribute to a positive candidate experience. Levels of work vary; during busy times, you could be carrying out 2 interviews (including evaluation) a day, 5 days a week. There may be times when there are no interviews in a quiet week.

Core Responsibilities

  • Conduct and record interviews using our Zoom account, ensuring a positive candidate experience.
  • Ask provided interview questions that cover areas such as behaviors, experience, skills, values, and technical questions for clients to assess.
  • Assess candidate responses and make recommendations based on predefined criteria.
  • Treat candidates with respect and professionalism and foster a positive perception of our company and clients.
  • Take detailed notes during interviews and provide a summary of key points for evaluation as soon as the interview is finished.
  • Implement protocols for candidate no-shows, ensuring effective communication and troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Upload interview recordings to Temi.com or utilize Gong for transcription services, providing accurate transcripts for review.
  • Communicate promptly with our admin team and collaborate seamlessly for efficient workflows.


You have

  • Proven experience in interviewing across diverse industries.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills in a remote work setting.
  • Excellent communication skills and a commitment to candidate satisfaction.
  • Experience in telesales, talent acquisition, recruiting, market research, or related roles is advantageous.
  • Familiarity with interview documentation and evaluation processes.


About Us

Your expertise across diverse industries will play a crucial role in shaping our innovative talent acquisition/recruitment approach. If you excel in a dynamic, collaborative, remote work environment, you can become a key player in redefining recruitment.

We are a dynamic and innovative recruitment firm specializing in finding the perfect match between top talent and leading companies. Our unique approach relies on a team of skilled Interviewers who play a crucial role in ensuring the right candidates move forward in the recruitment process. We have a small, dedicated team, all working from home, who cover for each other when they are unavailable. Our hiring process is very thorough, and we guarantee all our candidates for their first year, if they don’t work out during that time, we replace them free of charge. Our success rate is 88%. (This is well above the average for most hiring and recruitment; around 25 – 30%.) Most of our clients are in the US, we have others in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and Canada.


Background Checks

As we are sure you understand, we may need to complete background checks. If so, any job offer is contingent on the satisfactory completion of relevant background checks, which may include the following:

Criminal Record Check
ID Verification
Education Verification
Employer Verification
Adverse Media Check
Credit Report

Any information we receive through background checks is confidential and we will only share it with those who have an essential business need to know.

Advice on completing this form

We take recruitment very seriously. It’s important to us that you will enjoy working with us. The questions in the form are based on what the job involves, so if you like answering them, you will probably like the job. If you don’t like them, it’s unlikely that this is the job for you.
The answers on this form are more important than your resume.
The questions and tasks in this form are designed to give you an opportunity to show us that you have the skills and experience to do the job.
We will be assessing each of your answers in this form against specific criteria. If your answers meet, or closely meet the criteria, your application will be shortlisted.
Please make sure you answer all of the questions on the form carefully and check your answers to make sure they are correct and you haven't left anything out.
Also check your spelling and grammar.

Please save the link to this form in case you need to come back to it later.